You are healing people to become their best versions through astrology. I think that’s why God designed astrology to help us understand who we are
— Tara Z.

Soulful Success = Knowing yourself truly, Defining what you want in life and Living a yummy, purposeful, fulfilling life. It is absolutely unique to you. In these sessions we delve into your Astrology & Human design to get crystal clear on who you are and we write your plot twist on limiting beliefs. I set an intention to invoke energy work facilitated by your highest sources of spirit. These sessions can be utilized for Personal Development, Business Development, Understanding the Self, Understanding Relationships, Self Exploration and more. This work is customized to where you are in life and what you truly need. Uniquely fit for you - just like your soul led definition of success.

Note: For Relationship sessions, both parties have to give consent and/or be present on the call.

If you are interested in working together over 3-6 months to create sustainable transformation in your life - please email

Astrology is your Story
Human Design is your Strategy
Energy is the Work
and I am your girl, Neha