Hi! I’m Neha. I created Love, Neha Jha because I wanted my life & work to be a love letter to the world. 💌

This letter would highlight how freaking powerful it is to practice loving yoself. I’m not talking self love like champagne & bubble baths (although yum 🧖🏽‍♀️).

I’m talking when you’re feeling low low - challenging the negative self talk in your head and affirming your inherent worth & value. When you’re feeling high - you take a second to pause and breathe in all the magic present for you.

This letter would illustrate the importance of knowing thyself - knowing what you like and don’t, what your boundaries are, the stories & triggers that live in your subconscious, your natural strategy for moving through the world with ease. You’ll recognize when you’re self sabotaging with compassion for yourself. You’ll find the lessons in your triggers, and learn to enjoy doing the inner work!

When you’re comfortable with your own energy - no matter what surrounds you, you can always come back hOMe. And when you know yourself - you can connect with others and build relationships from a place of honesty and love; the need for facades fade away.

I would conclude this love letter with a call to action — LIVE A YUMMY LIFE YO. Affirming your unconditional worth & knowing thyself is the recipe for identifying what fulfills you and lights up your heart. So whatever it is that you want - breathe it in - it’s time to write your plot twist and live a yummy AF life.

If you’re seeking guidance and support in doing just this - I have single sessions & long term packages available! We would work together to get crystal clear on who you are through Astrology & Human Design. Then we would integrate that knowledge & work on embodying a new belief system that feels like home to you. Basically, we’ll talk the talk and then we’ll walk the walk.

Book a single session with me here: https://lovenehajha.as.me/schedule.php

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P.s. my first name means Love and my last name means Teacher. #purposewrittenonmybirthcertificate #wink