I'm easily amused, but not easily impressed... especially when it comes to having a reading done. However, Neha's breakdown of my chart from one perspective (my 6th house) literally brought me to tears. I was on my way to the grocery store one night and decided to [finally] listen to it intentfully. When I did, I felt so exposed. So bare. Yet... affirmed. Neha has this unique way of conveying to you your own beauty and responsibilities as a person in this lifetime and makes it all simple to understand. I've had a few chart readings before and am no stranger astrology myself, but the reading I received from Neha touched me in some very necessary ways. I'm forever grateful.


- Dee Fells, VA

Neha’s insights into astrology operate from a deep acknowledgment of the need to grow. This wisdom shapes her insight into the development of self, her curiosity into me and you as individuals, and her understanding of this world world as whole. She is pure and her readings are genuine. 

The beauty of her readings comes from in her ability to offer up the serious with a dose of humor. This sense of humor helps to remind us that life, though sometimes turbulent, is something quite beautiful. She reminds us that the universe can be quite comical in the way it decides to force us to grow. 

Her readings have helped me better position myself to make the necessary choices to align with and better understand my higher self. Her goal is for you to find support from within by better understanding the world without. I'd recommend a reading from Neha any day. 

-Darya N., DC